Rollercoaster Of Life

Life is one big game of should I or shouldn’t I. Sometimes these choices can be inconsequencial but sometimes zigging when you should have zagged can seriously change your entire destiny. I’m sorry to get a bit on the deep side today, but I’m in a philisophical kind of mood so please bare with me!

There are risk takers and then there’s those who are much more careful. I definitely fall into the later category, constantly living in my little protective bubble, never dipping my toe into the water. Risk can lead to the biggest pleasures but also result in heartache. But then playing it safe can bring you much regret.

It’s all a matter of perspective. remember though one persons joy could be another persons sorrow. What you view as exciting I might see as boring.



Is ambition necessary in life? Could it simply lead to disappointment or cause unnecessary harm In a world that’s already far too ruthless as it is! So who’s got it right? Is it he who’s travelled the world and experienced just about everything, jumping from one activity to another in a chaotic existance, but does he partly regret never settling down? Or is it he who’s lived a more sheltered life, who’s mostly happy with this but will almost certainly have regrets that he hasn’t tried more? Is cramming as many experiences into life likely to leave you fullfilled? Or are you letting the special moments pass you by?

inner childI find it intriguing that right now, somewhere in the world, somebody is experiencing delight, feeling trully blessed and basking in the sunshine of life- where as somewhere else¬† there’s somebody experiencing total despair, a heavy affliction, a nightmare they feel with never end. It hardly seems fair does it? But the interesting thing is that at some stage, the majority of us will experiece the extremities of both these powerful emotions. I have experienced extreme mental pain and suffering (having clinical depression isn’t much fun!). When I reached my limit of despair I attempted to take my life. At this point, If somebody had told me I’d ever feel happiness again, I wouldn’t have believed them. I couldn’t imagine ever smiling again, let alone laughing and having fun with family and friends.¬† But life goes on, I have laughed and I have cried. I will continue to have good days and continue to have bad ones.

There will be times when you’re having a bad time of it, bad luck can sometimes seem infectious, especially when we’re in a highly sensitive state, but that’s why it’s so important for us to relish the good moments. I guess what I’m trying to say is we need to play the game-take the rough with the smooth and most importantly try to enjoy the ride!

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