It’s OK To Be Different


Who cares if you don’t conform to societies expectations, the only opinion that truly counts is your own. What’s wrong with being a little bit different anyway? We’re all unique and we’re all special in our own way. At the same time though, to counteract that statement, we’re all equally insignificant in the grand scheme of things. Hundreds of years from now people aren’t likely to remember what you did in your lifetime. Whether you do good or bad, you’re successful or not, it’s not really important as memories of you will evaporate over time. So with all that in mind why on earth do we put so much pressure on ourselves?  It makes me laugh when we’re described as the superior species on the planet.

Its ok to be differentThis Zebra is able to walk within 20 minutes of being born and is running within it’s first hour! On the other hand, a human baby would take 14 to 15 months to accomplish the same fete.


Its ok to be differentThese ants can lift up to 50 times their own body weight and drag objects 30 times heavier than them. Remarkable creatures when you consider the equivalent would mean an average human being able to lift an Asian Elephant or a large transit van!


I love watching nature programs and discovering interesting facts such as these. They remind me that we’re all just animals after all and we all have the same right to live on this planet as anything else does, no more or no less. We are a tiny part of something much greater than we’ll ever fully understand. For the deep thinkers amongst us it’s pointless trying to over complicate things, you can spend your whole life searching for answers and end up regretting the time you’ve wasted! Life is far to short and far to precious to do this.

It’s OK To Be Different

On a Saturday night I love nothing more than sitting in front of the tele with a lager in my hand, watching ‘match of the day’, normally whilst shouting abuse at the referee and cursing my team for not scoring enough goals. Some might call this laddish behavior but I won’t, as I don’t want to be accused of sexism! Earlier in the evening I’d watch a romantic comedy staring Jenifer Aniston, I have to admit I do like a good rom-com. I’d follow this by watching my favorite couples on ‘strictly come dancing’ (hardly the most masculine of programs!)

I like watching ‘top gear’ but I’m also a big fan of ‘the great British bakeoff’. I enjoy watching the soaps such as ‘Coronation Street’ but also like series such as ‘the walking dead’- a bloodthirsty program about flesh eating zombies.

I think of this as being unusual but maybe it’s not. Maybe it’s just unusual that I admit to having such random taste. I’m sure there’s lots of closet fans out there who secretly watch ‘X factor’ on a Saturday night and then tell their friends that they’d never watch such rubbish!

I am a sensitive, giving person but equally at times I can come across as resolute and unyielding. You could describe some of my traits, as being masculine but it’s also fair to say I have a number of feminine qualities. In the past I’ve enjoyed a night out with the lads, drinking pints and propping up the bar, but I’ve had just as much fun being out with the girls drinking cocktails and dancing the night away. I’m sorry if this is coming across as stereotyping, it just happens to be how it is for me with my friends. The truth is I’m able to contribute well to both sets of groups but don’t find myself a perfect match to either.

The happiest people in life are those who couldn’t care less what others think of them. Having their own unique identity and never being ashamed of who they are. This is the sort of person I’m striving to be and even though I’m becoming less self-conscious all the time, I still have a long way to go.

Who’d of thought this menacing looking guy would be into decorating fairy cakes and flower arranging! before anyone comments I know he’s a cartoon character, but you get the gist!


   The sad reality is that I know people like this, who would hide such guilty pleasures in an attempt to keep up their macho persona. Who are so terrified of other peoples judgement, they keep secret the things that they love to do. Going back to our menacing looking friend above, why would he be so reluctant to share his passions. There’s nothing there to be ashamed of after all and it would only be a narrow-minded person who thought any differently. The fact that he has these hidden depths makes him so much more intriguing. I play table tennis in the local league, I’m ashamed to say I kept this fact from past girlfriends as I presumed they’d laugh at me. One in particular I didn’t tell for 6 months! I even invented a night school college course, to explain where I was every Wednesday night. Looking back now, I can’t believe what lengths I went too.

I’ve spent the majority of my life attempting to fit in with certain groups of people. You could say I’ve failed miserably at this, or you could say that it’s took me until now to realize that it’s perfectly ok to be different, in fact it’s great to be an individual. If everyone was the same the world would be an exceedingly dull place. Sometimes the best thing you can do is accept that you’re unique and stop trying so hard to be something you’re not. This is a brave thing to do and people will envy you for it, they might even wish they were more like you themselves.






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