Inner Child

Yesterday in the park I witnessed a little boy seeing the water fountain turning on, As the water shot upwards, there was shear magical delight written all over his face, this was followed by uncontrollable fits of giggles.inner child In seeing this I couldn’t help but smile, but then it was tainted by a moment of sadness, as I asked myself, when was the last time I’d laughed like that? Seeing the world through the eyes of a child is a wonderful thing. It’s the lack of pretense that I really like, what you see is exactly what you get. If they’re happy the world knows they’re happy, and similarly if they’re sad they never hide their emotions. As adults we still have joyful moments, but we rarely allow ourselves to really let go and celebrate them. It’s like we’re scared that we’ll get judged badly for showing our true emotions. Worried about feeling out of control and drawing attention to ourselves, risking a blemish to our cool steely exterior! I think this is extremely sad, life is so short and will soon pass us all by, so why worry so much about what other people might think.

Channeling our Inner child

We all have an inner child in us fighting to get out and I think it’s important to let him out every so often. To a young child, life is a big adventure. They’re fascinated by everything they discover and they perceive the world in its simplest form. Become an adult and suddenly you lose all that, you notice less and everything becomes much more complicated. I appreciate that as an adult we have more responsibilities, but as far as complicating things and not following our instincts, I don’t think we help ourselves. They say that knowledge is power but I think in terms of happiness, too much knowledge can be a dangerous thing. As we constantly search for hidden depths in everything, we become more guarded and pessimistic, we soon completely lose the trusting nature we once had as a child.

inner child

As adults are we prohibited from having any fun? Is it a crime to act silly? If it is, I’m afraid I’m guilty as charged! It’s easier if you have kids of your own, a bit of tomfoolery is expected. I envy those of my friends who have children. They get to go to the seaside, dive around on the beach playing Frisbee and charge with their arms and legs flaying into the sea. They have the perfect excuse for channeling their inner child. But whats to stop us all doing the same thing? To occasionally lose your inhibitions and completely let go. If you’re worried about being locked up! you can always pick your moment or even do something silly in the comfort of your own home.

The other day I went to the park, at a time when I knew it would be quiet and the kids would be in school. I got on one of the swings and started to swing as high as I could. I lead my head right back and pointed my legs straight out in front of me. I could see only sky and I imagined myself flying through the air. I forgot where I was and more importantly, how old I was. The only slight reminder was the fact that I barely fit and the chains were digging into my sides! Other than that, I got completely lost in the moment and stayed like that for a good half an hour, as I completely lost track of time. If you’ve been a regular visitor to my blog you’ll realize that half an hour is a long time for me to be in this sort of situation. Normally I’d have to keep a close eye on my environment and would panic that someone was lurking round the corner, but on this occasion there was none of that. Being in-tune with my inner child like this, allowed me to feel more relaxed. Young children don’t have the same kind of anxieties. It’s only as an adult that these insecurities and irrational fears start to mount up.




In the blink of an eye my brother and I have turned into adults but the two cheeky chaps above still exist in us to this day and I wouldn’t want it any other way. 





So in conclusion, don’t neglect your inner child, It’s a huge and important part of you. I challenge you all to embrace this side and let it out more often. You might be surprised by how fun and precious life can still be.



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